Welcome to the neighborhood!

As you become a part of the community it is important to remember that the Belvedere neighborhood is home to more than just student renters. The Belvedere neighborhood welcomes student renters to the community, inviting you to be respectful, good neighbors.

Please follow the simple rules within the Off-Campus Student Housing brochure.

CCSU's Alcohol and Drug Policy

Students are prohibited from using, possessing, purchasing, selling or distributing alcoholic beverages in buildings or in the grounds of the campus, except as expressly permitted by law and University regulations. Students who violate these policies are subject to University disciplinary action, and/or civil and federal penalties.

For more information, contact Office of Student Rights & Responsibilities.

Connecticut Liquor Laws

Take a look at Connecticut & Federal laws before the party to help avoid problems.

party fail

"I'm not here to kill your college experience... I just want you to survive it." -Pat Spady

A college student is expected to juggle 15 credits, a job, a social life, a personal life, a family life, and then find time for everything else - believe it or not - we get it.

How you choose to explore your college experience is YOUR CHOICE- But take it from those who have survived...

You are expected to become an expert in time management while maintaining good grades, and there is no question that becomes stressful. Sound familiar?

Before going out to a party, consider the alternatives - especially if you are under 21.

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Some things to consider...

  • Having a police record does not look good for future employers.
  • It's ok to get to know your neighbors - they could be a great resource or future reference.
  • Drinking impairs your judgment, increasing the likelihood that you will do something you regret.
  • One out of three 18-24 year olds admitted to emergency rooms have injuries from being intoxicated.
  • It takes one hour for alcohol to filter out of the body per standard drink - "sober up quickly"? I don't think so.
  • Tolerance is actually a warning sign that you're developing more serious problems with alcohol.

Information from www.collegedrinkingprevention.gov

Central offers many programs and initiatives that encourage positive behavior and positive outcomes. Some of Central’s annual initiatives include Fresh Check Day, Alcohol Awareness Fair, and My Best Self fair. In addition to these larger scale, annual events, the Office of Wellness Education also provides ongoing prevention and education outreach to residence halls, FYE classes and student organizations. Wellness Education offers two programs, Choices (group) and BASICS (individual), to further educate students and to better prepare you for future decisions regarding alcohol and marijuana.

For information, please contact the Office of Wellness Education, stop by Willard-DiLoreto Complex, 1st Floor or call 860.832.1948.

Contact Information

Emergencies: 911

Routine Calls:
New Britain Police

CCSU Police