Policies & Practices Subcommittee

Members (4)

This subcommittee will pursue the following activities as stated in the committee by-laws:

  • Propose policies and/or resources that will incentivize faculty to implement community engagement and/or service-learning activities (i.e., funding opportunities, load-credit support, P&T guidelines, writing groups, publishing and presentation venues).
Grants & Awards Subcommittee

Members (12)

This subcommittee will pursue the following activities:

  • Develop, implement, review, and assess the Community Engagement Grant Awards.
  • In collaboration with the Resource Development Subcommittee, they will provide mentorship to recipients of the Community Engagement Grant Awards.
Subcommittee Last Name First Name Email
Curriculum Minor Laura
Soper Carolyne
Thai Nghi
Andreoletti Carrie
Schnobrich-Davis Julie
Rein Thomas
Kulesza Marie
Ghiloni Beth
Grant & Awards Ayotte Kate
Crespi Cheryl
Goh Tan Leng
Hernandez Jessica
Matthew Martin
Mitrano John
Osoba Brian
Seifert Gonzalez Allison
Slaga-Metivire Susan
Thomas Catherine
Wei Fu-Shang
Policy & Procedure French James
Crespi Cheryl
Dlugolenski Eric
Gagnon Amy
Thomas Catherine
Ghiloni Beth
Kulesza Marie
Rojas Reinaldo
Clapp Sharon
Larsen Kristine
Matthew Martin
Rosete Alfredo
Full Committee Members Zering Jennifer
Gamache Justine
Kim Youngseon
Hanford Dana
Simmons Reginald
Mitrano John
Martin Vivian
Martin Vivian
Bailesteanu Mihai

Contact Information

Dr. Matthew Martin

Associate Professor, Physical Education & Human Performance

Reinaldo Rojas, Ph.D, MSW
Assistant Professor
Department of Social Work