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Hosting a Visiting Scholar

All Visiting Scholars at CCSU must be hosted by an academic department. Scholars interested in visiting CCSU are encouraged to contact the Department Chair of the appropriate academic department.

Office of Academic Affairs and the Center for International Education (CIE) has established the guidelines for Departments that host visiting scholars. CCSU faculty and Department must complete the Visiting Scholar Request Form

This form must be completed by CCSU faculty who seek approval to host a faculty member on exchange from a CCSU partner school or a visiting scholar from any overseas university for a semester or the full academic year. If the request involves a bilateral exchange with a CCSU partner university, this Visiting Scholar Request Form should be filed in conjunction with the Outgoing CCSU Scholar Exchange Request Form (available on the CIE website). The CIE website also offers the most recent listing of formally affiliated institutions.

Before completing this form, the faculty member should discuss his or her plans with:

The Center for International Education - to obtain general advice and a copy of the Internal Administrative Procedures sheet, and

The Department Chair - to review issues relating to teaching, student/community engagement, general responsibilities, and the resources required for the scholar (e. g., housing, office space, salary, computing equipment, etc.).