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Immigration regulations change or are modified periodically. Please keep in touch with International Student and Scholar Services at the Center for International Education for up-to-date information. Immigration regulations can also be viewed at USCIS.


Visa Options at CCSU


Visa Chart 

Visa Type


Study Requirements

Employment Restrictions

Student Visa
  • Maintain full-time study.
  • Part-time study only with approval from CIE.
  • On Campus: Work 20 hours during the semester, 40 hours during vacation.
  • May participate in CPT (Full time or part time). Authorization is required.
  • May participate in OPT during or after end of program-apply through USCIS-EAD card required.
  • Severe Economic Hardship-apply through USCIS-EAD Card required.
F-1 Dependent
  • Spouse: Can study part time in any certified program; full time in a vocational or recreational studies, such as hobbies are permitted.
  • Not permitted to work.
Exchange Student
  • Maintain full-time study.
  • Work 20 hours during the semester, 40 hours during vacation.
  • May participate in off campus work-Academic Training. Authorization is required.
Exchange Scholar
  • Full time research/incidental study.
  • Options are limited with prior approval from Responsible Officer (RO).
Exchange Student Dependent
  • May engage in part- or full-time study.
  • Eligible to work - EAD required through USCIS.
Visitor Visa
  • May not begin any ‘Course of Study’ (F/T or P/T) unless approved by USCIS.
  • Not permitted to work.
Work Visa
  • May engage in incidental study
  • Work only with sponsoring organization
H-1B Dependent
  • May engage in full time or part time study
  • Not permitted to work.