Body Composition Testing with the Bod Pod



Body Composition

Measures percent body fat and fat free /lean body mass. Assessments can be done through the Bod Pod Analysis or Skinfold measurements.

Bod Pod Analysis

Bod Pod Analysis uses Air Displacement Plethysmography technology to determine body composition. The Bod Pod is a gold standard in objectively measuring percent body fat and fat free/lean body mass, as well as calculating body density.

Testing takes approximately 30 minutes; body composition report results include percent body fat, percentage fat free mass, fat mass (lbs), fat free mass (lbs), body mass (lbs), body volume (L), and body density (kg/L).

Date(s): Upon receipt of payment, assessment will be scheduled by appointment
Location: Exercise Physiology Lab Room 006, Kaiser Building
Fee: $75/test; $50 for subsequent visits within one year

More information on measuring Body Composition through Bod Bod Analysis

Bod Pod Product Website

The assessments are run by the Physical Education and Human Performance department at CCSU and is focused on providing high quality, gold standard, fitness assessments for athletes and active individuals seeking to analyze and understand current health and fitness levels.

For more information or to schedule an appointment contact Jennifer DelSanto.

Contact Information

Jennifer DelSanto
Physical Education & Human Performance
Harrison J. Kaiser Hall