Henry Barnard Society

Henry Barnard Society

Recognizes University's benefactors whose lifetime giving is between $100,000.00 and $499,999.99.

This list reflects gifts to the CCSU Foundation, Inc. through June 30, 2022.

* = deceased 

Anonymous '78

Ricky P. Bottalico '91

Sue A. Collins '75

Celia Dondes

Catherine J. Fellows '73

Charles T. Fote

Kaye Lynn (Siegrist) Fote

Paul Gianaris '70

Zachary G. Gianaris

Doris H. Guenter

Raymond Guenter

Gerti H. James

Jaimoe Johnson

Charles Jones, Jr. '69

Nancy F. Judd

Richard L. Judd '59

Raymond L. Kalber '62

Theresa G. Kalber

Robert A. Kerzner '74

Michael S. Knapp '75

Patricia Knapp

Alexander R. Koproski

Patricia Koproski

Charles D. Koteen

Lois J. Koteen

Melanie I. (Ihnat) McCue '68

William J. McCue

Peggy K. Parry '90

Scott R. Pioli '88

Dallas J. (Parcells) Pioli

Ronald M. Pringle '57 *

Wendy Siracusa

Christel Skinner

Robert F. Skinner '55

Joseph A. Welna

Marianne S. Welna

Edward R. Young

Kathleen F. Young