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Dance Program


About the Program

CCSU offers five tracks within the dance program:

Bachelor of Science in Dance Education

Under the supervision and mentorship of our extraordinary and diverse faculty, students will experience the canon of American modern dance, learning to understand and respect the lineage while embracing the future of contemporary forms.

This program leads to initial dance certification.

120 Credits

Cross-Endorsement in Dance Teacher Certification 

For students working towards teacher certification in Elementary Education, Physical Education, or Music Education, or Art Education. This cross-endorsement in dance allows for a second teaching certification by taking additional courses from the dance curriculum.

30 Credits

Specialization in Entrepreneurship in Dance Education

Two specializations are offered:

  • Specialization A - For students looking to focus on teacher education in public and/or private schools, however, this degree does not lead to teacher certification
  • Specialization B - For students looking to pursue a business-based dance career

Dance Minor

The Dance Minor allows students new to dance or those who have danced all their lives to continue pursuing their love for dance while working towards majors in other fields. From ballet to hip hop and from jazz to West Indian, students will practice technique, study dance history, and learn how to create their own choreography.

18 Credits

Formal Pathway to Dance Teacher Certification 

This is a specialized program created with the Connecticut State Department of Education to certify those public school dance teachers who have not yet been certified. The program is only open to currently employed public school dance teachers.

For further information please contact Catherine J. Fellows, CCSU Dance Education Coordinator, (860) 832-2167 or Jennifer DelSanto, secretary (860) 832-2155. 

Dance Education Program Coordinator/Director: 
Catherine J. Fellows, Professor, CCSU

Dance Faculty: 
Erica Nelson; 
Pascal Rekoert
Stephen D. Hankey
George Ziminski

Guest Teaching Artists:  
E. Clayton Cornelius, Christine Kershaw-Hobson, Aubrey Lynch, Jennifer Muller, Felipe Puletini

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