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Pascal Rekoert

Dear CCSU and Connecticut dance communities:

It gives me great pleasure and pride to serve as the interim Central Connecticut State University dance education program coordinator.

I am stepping into very big shoes as our colleague, mentor, and guiding light, Professor Catherine Fellows, has done such a stellar job building the program since the start of her tenure in 1976. Her rich legacy leaves us with too much greatness to fit on this page. Highlights include a beautiful dance complex dedicated specifically to dance, a wide range of dance programs and courses, and state-wide K-12 dance certification.

The oldest university in the state is growing fast, and so is the Dance Education Program. CCSU currently offers various options for students interested in the field: a B.S. Ed. in Dance Education enabling teachers to receive PreK-12 certification, cross-endorsement for dance teacher certification, a minor in Dance, and a double major in Dance and Physical Education. Most recently, we also added the Entrepreneurship in Dance major program.

The purpose of the CCSU Dance Programs is to produce highly qualified dance educators for public schools, independent dance entrepreneurs, and talented performers. Our programs are committed to embracing personal development, diversity, wellness, knowledge and skills, dance-technical training, and choreography. We emphasize the creative process and sharpen our scholars' minds to aim for skill acquisition applicable beyond the dance classroom. CCSU dance students actively participate in community engagement activities on and off campus through varied outreach programs and artist-in-residence programs with visiting dance professionals. Our students also are given the opportunity to perform student works, faculty choreography, and pieces by visiting guest artists.

Dance is a powerful connector, an imperative. Especially during our recovery from the pandemic, dance helps restore joy and offers stability in students’ lives and offers confidence, determination, time management abilities, and teamwork skills. William Bennet, former U.S. Secretary of Education, said: "The arts are an essential element of education, just like reading, writing, and arithmetic…music, dance, painting, and theater are all keys that unlock profound human understanding and accomplishment." What stops us from implementing the STEM into STEAM model and forging ahead on our state's innovation, offering dance an equal place to core content areas, like math, ELA, and the sciences? After all, the arts foster the creativity celebrated in both educational and professional fields these days.

In line with CCSU's motto, I invite you to connect with us. Join us in our dance ventures as a student, audience member, or supporter.

Pascal Rekoert
Dance Program Director
Assistant Professor of Dance
Department of Physical Education & Human Performance
Central Connecticut State University

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