Academic Dismissal Prevention and Support Initiative

The Academic Dismissal Prevention and Support Initiative (ADPSI) is designed to help students get back on track with academic achievement when they are either at risk of academic dismissal (i.e., placed on academic probation) or have been academically dismissed from the University. The focus of intervention is to address non-academic challenges that impede academic achievement; these challenges may include mental health, social, emotional, financial, employment, food insecurity, housing insecurity, and/or familial issues.

The ADPSI provides support for four groups of students:

  • Students who were academically dismissed and did not appeal
  • Students who were academically dismissed and had an unsuccessful appeal
  • Students who were academically dismissed and successfully appealed
  • Students who were placed on academic probation/extended probation


Participation with the ADPSI is voluntary. Students work with the ADPSI outreach worker to develop a Success Plan; they receive support and direction intended to help them achieve their identified goals and get back on track for success. Meetings with the ADPSI outreach worker are generally monthly, but may be more frequent as needed.

The approach is supportive, collaborative, pragmatic, and strengths-based with a focus on assessing needs, identifying manageable tasks, providing support, monitoring task progress, developing strategies to overcome challenges, and maintaining the student’s interest and focus on either returning to Central for the following semester (if academically dismissed), or getting off academic probation and preventing academic dismissal.

The program helps students who have been academically dismissed remain connected to the University and focus on their return, while receiving guidance and support to help them navigate the challenges that are impacting their success.

For those on academic probation, the ADPSI worker also works collaboratively with other support services on campus, such as the Learning Center, Undergraduate Advising Services, SWC’s Counseling Services, Student Disability Services, Success Central, and others, to ensure that students on academic probation are receiving the support they need to get back into good academic standing.