Chemistry and Biochemistry

Our Department offers B.S. Chemistry and B.S. Biochemistry majors, which are professionally accredited by the American Chemical Society. Our students also enjoy student-faculty interactions, educational opportunities, and comparatively low tuition that make us an appealing educational option.

  • ACS accredited Chemistry and Biochemistry programs
  • Independent research for students directly with faculty
  • Active chemistry community, including student organized Chemistry Club

While at CCSU, you will find a supportive environment within the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry; our upper-level courses are small enough to allow regular discussion with faculty and peers, and our Chemistry Club hosts social events, works on community engagement and outreach, and plans trips to national meetings where our students present original research.

In addition to our teaching labs, the department has advanced chemical instrumentation laboratories that include three major instruments purchased through National Science Foundation. Unlike at large schools, where undergraduates typically work for a graduate student, our students who choose to participate in research work directly with faculty on original projects. The majority of these students give presentations at regional or national conferences, and many have co-authored peer-reviewed publications.