Subcommittee Membership Listing 2021-2022

CTEN Partnership Subcommittee

This group will meet regularly to support the development of productive preK-12 and CCSU partnerships that foster the simultaneous renewal of teacher education and the public schools; promote development of and access to high-quality field placements for teacher candidates; foster inquiry that supports the shared vision for teacher education and school renewal; and support the continual professional development required to enable schools to meet the needs of all students.

Jeremy Visone (Chair)
Leah Frazee
Maria Mitchell
Felice Russell
Lauren Tafrate (Dean’s Representative)

CTEN Assessment Subcommittee

This group will meet regularly to facilitate the ongoing review within and across CCSU teacher education programs; coordinate the ongoing assessment of initial teacher certification programs, teacher candidates, and program graduates; monitor student progress, and contribute as needed to the accreditation of teacher education programs.

Tan Leng Goh (Chair)
Jacob Werblow
Carol Ciotto (Dean’s Representative)
Helen Abadiano

CTEN Appeals and Student Support Subcommittee

This group makes recommendations on student appeals of teacher education program decisions on admission, retention, and program completion to the SEPS dean. Appeals will be conducted in accordance with the appeals policy

Jim DeLaura
Jessica Edwards
Donna DeCarlo (Dean’s Representative)

CTEN Policy and Advocacy Subcommittee

This group will meet regularly to review and revise university policies impacting graduate and undergraduate students; and stay abreast of state legislation impacting teacher education.

Amanda Greenwell (Chair)
Jesse Turner
Joss French
Carol Ciotto (Dean’s Representative)