Women's Center - Our Accomplishments

The Ruthe Boyea Women's Center


Our Accomplishments

Policy - Advocacy - Action

  • Successfully advocated for House Bill No. 5272, regarding the accessibility of menstrual products in educational institutions. Resolution

  • Advocated for the elimination of the 90 day sexual assault reporting policy to better assist the survivor when dealing with issues of re-traumatization of the occurrence. Research has shown that the 90 day sexual assault  reporting policy as an ineffective policy when reporting sexual assault due to the survivor still dealing with issues of reflection and shame.

  • Identified and advocated for the implementation of the online sexual harassment training for all campus members including con-tractors to better assure all working with CCSU whether directly or indirectly receive the necessary training to work towards eliminating sexual harassment and lessening the occurrence on campus.

  • Identified, advocated for the implementation of the then new sexual misconduct policy and the inclusion of sexual exploitation, consent, definitions etc used by the BOR.
  • Identified the need and advocated for the implementation of the sexual misconduct policy on all syllabi, to assure students in every class are aware of campus resources.
  • Identified and advocated for a lactation space on campus done to assist students, faculty/staff from having to use restrooms as lactation spaces. This was later expanded to various spaces on campus.
  • Identified and advocated for a campus drop in child care center after seeing a great need for female students who were dropping classes and withdrawing from the university. Currently the drop in child care center is being expanded after an increase need from students as well as faculty and staff.
  • Identified and advocated for the need for condom machines in the residence halls to assist with retention due to pregnancy and eliminate the spread of STDs. (resistance was political, not student focused.)
  • Identified and implemented the IAM Title IX program for female student athletes allowing the female athletes to be celebrated for their contribution to the university and to Title IX.  This was held three years in a row, where students received action photos of their college playing days with keynote invited guest speaker.
  • Identified and implemented The Women of Color luncheon series creating a safe space network for women of color to discuss unique challenges faced and network with one another.
  • Worked on and advocated for the Bullying and Mobbing policy at CCSU. Bullying was accepted however we continue to advocate for the inclusion of mobbing, as mobbing is defined as specific workplace category of bullying perpetrated by a group towards an individual creating an hostile environment. The involvement of this definition assist with identifying various scenarios and accurate reporting.
  • Advocated for an online sexual assault reporting form to allow anonymous reporting to occur.
  • Identified, advocates and implemented the need for sexual assault be included under “rape” in the A to Z index, resulting in allowing anyone in need searching the campus website to search rape and find resources readily available to assist.
  • Identified and advocated for the diversification of the Student Center Graduate Program Internship allow various representation and expanding opportunities.
  • Created and implemented the White Rose/Cord Women of Color Graduation Ceremony
  • Created the Sweet Start First Year Ceremony, a program created for First Year female students to receive guidance from campus stakeholders, alumni and network with one another.
  • Advocated for the implantation of CCSU campus climate survey to address campus mobbing, amongst other issues to service the campus community. Campus climate survey is currently in the process of being distributed.
  • Advocated for the implementation of the campus safety walk to ensure safe lighting, access to emergency exit, parking, active police presence in necessary locations and ensure all blue lights are still working in the case of any emergencies. The campus safety walk led by the Ruthe Boyea Women’s Center consisted of students leaders, faculty and staff.


Our Campaigns

  • Implemented the CCSU Red Flag Campaign

  • Implemented the White Ribbon Campaign
  • Created and implemented the We Believe You Campaign
  • Implemented I Don’t Owe You Campaign
  • Implemented Love Your Body Campaign
  • Created and Implemented the My Body, My Rules Campaign 
  • Created and Implemented the Resign Campaign 

Our Programs 

  • Host of CCSU ElectHer Campaign Workshops
  • Host of CCSU Start Smart Salary Negotiation Workshops
  • Created, Implemented and Hosted,  I  AM Title IX for female graduating athletes
  • Created, Implemented and Hosted, CCSU Women’s Networking and Happy Hour
  • Created, Implemented and Hosted, CCSU Annual AIDS Awareness Day  and CCSU HIV Testing 
  • Created, Implemented and Hosted, CCSU Sweet Start First Year Women Orientation 
  • Created, Implemented and Hosted, CCSU Telling HerStory 
  • Created, Implemented and Hosted, Women of Color Luncheon Series 
  • Created, Implemented and Hosted, CCSU White Rose Ceremony- Women of Color Graduation Ceremony 
  • Created, Implemented and Hosted, Throwback Thursday with Alums 

Our Past Speakers 

  • Bernice Sandler: Mother of TitleIX
  • Sarah Weddington: Roe v. Wade Attorney
  • Peggy McIntosh: White Privilege Author
  • Jane Elliott: Brown/Blue Eye Experiment Activist 
  • Judy Norsigian: Our Bodies Ourselves Founder Esmerelda Santiago: When I Was Puerto Rican Author
  • Gloria Steinem, Feminist Icon 
  • Angela Davis, Black Panther Leader and Icon  
  • Alina Fernandez: Fidel Castro’s Daughter
  • Mildred Muhammad: D.C. Sniper‘s wife, Speaker/Activist
  • Sheryl Lee Ralph: Actress/AIDS Activist
  • Cindy Sheehan: Mother/War Activist
  • Elaine Brown: Black Panther/Civil Rights Leader Angela Davis: Black Panther/Civil Rights Leader Gloria Steinem: Women’s Rights Activist
  • Robin Morgan: Women’s Rights Activist
  • Carol Mosley-Braun: US Congressman, Former Democratic Candidate for President
  • Hydeia Broadbent: AIDS Activist, First Child Born HIV+
  • Lilly Ledbetter: Equal Pay Activist, First Bill Sig-ned into Office by President Barack Obama
  • Martine RothBlatt: Inventor/Founder Sirius XM Dr. Jeanne D‘arc Mujawamariya: Minister of Rwanda‘s Gender/Family Promotion
  • Amy Richards: Founder of Soapbox, Inc.
  • Judy Richardson: Eyes on the Prize, Author, Film Director
  • Gwen Harworth: She’s a Boy I Knew, Film Director, Transgender Activist
  • Film Bro Code
  • Senator Richard Blumenthal: US Senator/ Sponsor of Campus Sexual Assault Bill
  • Zerlina Maxwell: CNN news reporter/TV host/Political Analyst
  • Amanda Seales: TV Host of The Real
  • Donna Ferrato: Domestic Violence Photographic Journalist
  • Gail Dines: New York Times Columnist 
  • Patricia Ireland, Feminist & Former President of National Organization of Women 
  • Madeline Kunin, US Ambassador
  • Keyon Dooling: NBA Basketball Player and Sexual Assault Advocate
  • Thomas Keith: Award-Winning Documentarian Donna Palombo: Sexual Assault Advocate/Founder Jane Doe No More
  • Erin Stewart, Mayor of New Britain, CT  
  • Susan Bysiewicz, CT Ltd Governor 
  • Eva Zimmerman CT  Gubernatorial Candidate
  • Kamala Lopez, Actress & Film Director, Equal Means Equal