Athletic Training Education Program Health Policies and Requirements

Medical Exam For Full-Time Students

All full-time students are required to submit a completed medical form that includes a medical history, immunization data, and a physical examination formed signed by a health care provider. Current CCSU medical requirements and the General Medical Packet form can be obtained from the Health Services Website.

Record of Immunization: University Requirement

  1. Measles (two dosages), MMR; incidence of disease or Measles Titer
  2. Mumps (two dosages), MMR; or incidence of disease or Mumps Titer
  3. Rubella (two dosages), MMR; or incidence of disease or Rubella Titer
  4. Varicella (two dosages), MMR; or incidence of Chicken Pox Disease or Varicella Titer
  5. Meningococcal is mandatory for all dormitory students (strongly recommended for athletic training majors).
  6. TB Risk Questionnaire and/or Test

Vaccination History: ATEP Program Requirement of All Students Involved In Clinical Field Experiences

  1. Tetanus Booster Td or Tdap vaccination (within last 10 years)
  2. Hepatitis B vaccination series or Hepatitis B Titer; or annually sign the waiver for Hepatitis B vaccination
  3. Annual PPD - TB Skin Test
  4. Annual Flu Vaccination (mandatory for surgical observations)

Additional testing or immunizations may be required of the athletic training student by a CCSU approved affiliate site prior to exposure to patients.


Policy for Establishing the Health Status of the Student

Prior to being permitted to begin the clinical field experience assignments the names of athletic training students involved in the clinical aspect of the athletic training education program will be submitted to University Health Service. A review of their medical record for current immunizations will be documented. Documentation that verifies the completion of health screening and that signifies that each student meets the health requirements for the program will be kept in the student's academic file. Those students whose immunizations are missing or not current will be required to obtain the necessary immunizations prior to being permitted to continue in the clinical component of the athletic training education program.