Submit a proposal for the Global Environmental Sustainability Symposium


The Global Environmental Sustainability Action Coalition (GESAC), Central Connecticut State University Geography Department, and Central Public History Program are seeking proposals for the 17th annual Global Environmental Sustainability Symposium. Organizers are looking for presentations, posters, panels, and performances. Submissions are welcome from faculty, students, professionals, NGOs, civic leaders, and governmental agencies.

Scholarly and creative works from all disciplines about the causes of human-induced climate change and the current and future impacts of climate change are welcome.


Presentations can include completed and "in-progress" scholarly projects and case studies, as well as research at any scale, from local to global. Each presentation session will last 45 minutes. The presentation itself shall be no longer than 30 minutes in length, followed by 15 minutes of discussions with audience members.

Poster Presentations 

Poster presentations can include case studies of completed and "in-progress" scholarly projects as well as research at any scale, from local to global. Students, faculty, and others are welcome to submit poster presentations, but only students will be eligible for presentation prizes of $100 for Best Poster, $75 for the runner-up; and $25 for third place. All posters must be no larger than 44 inches by 34 inches. Upon request, Dr. Button will supply all participants with a poster template and a copy of a poster example to help presenters with the layout and design of their posters.


Panels are interactive forums with the intention of drawing together the panelists and the audience to stimulate lively discussion or debate on specific issues that are of particular significance to human-induced climate change. A panel can consist of three to four members. Each panel member is permitted to give an opening statement of no more than 10 minutes. All opening statements must be completed within 30 minutes, leaving at least 15 minutes for questions and discussions with audience members.  


Performance proposals (e.g., video, film, music, dance, theater, etc.) are welcome. Performance entries shall be 30 to 60 minutes in length.

Proposal Submission Instructions

If you are interested in submitting a proposal for this year’s global environmental sustainability symposium, email Dr. Charles Button at by Feb. 26 with the following information: 

•    Submission type (Choose one from the following): Presentation, Poster, Panel, or Performance
•    Submitter(s) Name(s), Title(s) & Affiliation(s)
•    Contact Email Address
•    Contact Phone #
•    Title of Submission
•    Brief Abstract/Description of Submission (<250 words)

Dates & Deadlines

Feb. 26:  Proposal Submissions Due
March 9: Successful submitters will be contacted.
March 19: Electronic copies of poster presentations due to Dr. Charles Button as email message attachment.
March 25: Electronic copies of presentation PowerPoint slides due to Dr. Button as email message attachment.
April 25: Date the Global Environmental Sustainability Symposium takes place.