Four Hundred Years 1619-2019

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Commemorate 400 Years of Perseverance

Congress Creates a Commission to Recognize the Four Hundred Years the African American Experience 1619-2019

Faculty members, Dr. Walton Brown-Foster (Political Science), Dr. Felton O. Best (Philosophy), Dr. Benjamin Foster, Jr. (Philosophy), and William Fothergill (Counseling and Wellness) will participate in one of the first national and statewide events for the 400th year Commemoration of the African American presence in the United States, since the arrival of the first documented arrival of Africans who came to English-America by way of Point Comfort, Virginia.

There have been several commissions created to commemorate this 400-year journey including the Federal legislation introduced by Congressman Bobby Scott, Senators Mark Warner and Tim Caine titled “The 400 Years of African American History Commission Act.” The Act passed both houses of Congress and was signed into law (PL 115-105) January 2018.

All are welcome to join a diverse group of historians, parents, pastors, teachers, academics and others on January 11, 2019, Rm 1-A, Legislative Office Building (LOB), Capital Avenue, Hartford, 10am to 12noon. This event is the first in a series to launch other initiatives throughout the year.

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Walton Brown-Foster
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African American Studies
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