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First-Year Students

Welcome to CCSU! We are so glad you have joined our Blue Devil community and we are looking forward to working with you over the coming months.

All entering students are advised by our professional advisors according to your major. These Advisors will build your class schedule for your first semester and will assist you until you transition to a Faculty Advisor in your major. In order to enable us to build your schedule, we will need some information from you.

To Do List!

If you haven't already done so, send us your SAT/ACT scores.

Your SAT/ACT scores won't affect your admissions status but they will be used to determine the most appropriate placement for your Writing and Math courses. Official scores (sent from your high school or the testing organization) should be sent to We can not place you into a Writing or Math class without SAT/ACT scores, transfer credits, or placement exam results!

Depending on your standardized test scores, that might be enough information for us to place you in the right course. If not, you'll receive an email invitation to take the Writing Placement exam.

Didn't take the SAT's or ACT's, not a problem.

For your Writing placement, you will receive an email inviting you to take the Writing Placement exam. Take this as soon as you can so we may place you into a Writing course your first semester (this will help you in all of your classes)! You will need to sign yourself up for the Math Placement exam.

Take your English and Math Placement Exams … if needed.

Writing Placement Exam

If we have your SAT/ACT scores and you still need to take the placement exam, you will receive an email invitation. If you did not provide us with any scores, you will receive an email invitation. Take this as soon as you can so we may place you into a Writing course your first semester (strong writing skills will help you in all of your classes)!

Math Placement Exam

If you are not comfortable with your placement based on your standardized test scores OR you didn't take/send us your scores, you will need to take the exam. You can sign yourself up for the Math Placement Exam here.

If you took AP classes or expect transfer/CCE credits, send us your scores and/or transcripts.

Depending on your AP class scores and possible transfer credits, you might already have credits that apply towards your degree. Submit those to as soon as possible and make sure you let your advisor know about these when you complete your Academic Profile (next item on your list).

Complete the Academic Profile that was emailed to you!

Advisors use this to learn about your preferences and what you like to study. Do you love or hate those 8 a.m classes? Do you have a job you need to schedule around? Do you want to continue with an instrument in an ensemble? Your Advisor will register you for the classes you need for your major but after those, they'll look to see what your interests are and try to find classes that they think you'll enjoy! The more information we have from you, the more likely you are to like your class schedule. Remember, we are limited by course availability so return your Academic Profile a soon as you can for the most options.

When logging in to your Academic Profile, please use the email account that you provided when you applied to CCSU.

Sign up for Orientation 

Orientation is a great opportunity to start making CCSU your home away from home! Your Orientation Leaders will not only show you around campus, but they will help you feel more comfortable in our community and answer any questions you might want answered by one of your peers. You'll also be meeting with your Academic Advisor during orientation to review degree and curricular requirements and make schedule adjustments if necessary.

Orientation Information

Complete your financial aid process

The Free Financial Aid application can be completed online at student Once you receive your Financial Aid award, you will need to officially accept the award online using your WebCentral Account. Contact the Office of Financial Aid Office at or 860.832.2200.