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Academic Centers

Center for Africana Studies 

The Center for Africana Studies develops and encourages the study and teaching about Africa, African Americans, and people of African descent throughout the Diaspora.

Center for East Asian Studies

The Center for East Asian Studies at Central Connecticut State University serves as a nexus of knowledge on East Asia. The Center seeks to develop and enhance global awareness, cultural diversity, and civic responsibility by forging interdisciplinary connections at the university level, and fostering support for seminars, lectures, workshops, and exhibitions for faculty, students, educators, business and the public in the U.S. and abroad; reciprocal visits of music, artistic, and sports groups; research and conferences; programs to promote international and inter-cultural understanding; and contacts and connections between Connecticut and the East Asian community, as well as student and faculty exchanges at CCSU’s partner universities in China, Japan, and Korea

The Center also provides opportunities for students and faculty, as well as the Connecticut business community, to keep abreast of changes in economics and politics and their comparative advantages in China, Japan, and Korea.  In addition, the Dr. Mong Koo Chung/Hyundai Endowment Fund, Ki Hoon Kim Scholarship Fund, Yoko Niibo Scholarship Fund, and C.J. Huang Endowment, among others, award scholarships to those who are eligible and meet all requirements. These are administered by the CCSU Foundation, Inc

Center for International Education 

The George R. Muirhead Center for International Education at Central Connecticut State University is the State of Connecticut's Center for Excellence in International Education. The CIE provides academic and cultural programs that promote a better understanding of the peoples and cultures of Africa, the Caribbean, Latin America, Poland, and East Asia. Working with the International & Area Studies Committee, the CIE develops and supports the following programs: study abroad, international student advising, courses abroad, international development, and teaching English as a second language.

Italian Resource Center

The Italian Resource Center promotes and supports the teaching of Italian  in Connecticut, thanks to the partnership among the Consulate General of Italy in New York, the Connecticut State Department of Education, and Central Connecticut State University, in collaboration with the Italian American Committee on Education (IACE), which sponsors and supervises its activities. 

Latin American, Latino, and Carribbean Center  

The Latin American, Latino, and Caribbean Center at Central Connecticut State University (LALCC) promotes understanding and appreciation of the historical, social, and cultural life of the Caribbean and Latin America societies and of Latinos in the US through research, study abroad, international exchange, and community outreach. The Center's mission is consistent with the University's mission of promoting diversity and global awareness.

The Learning Center

At the Learning Center, we care about your academic success!The Learning Center provides assistance for all students so that they may reach their maximum academic potential as successful, independent, and life-long learners.

The LGBT Center

The  LGBT Center provides a welcoming, approachable, and consistently staffed safe space for the CCSU LGBT community that focuses on providing resources and student support services for the University lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and ally community. The Center also organizes and facilitates diversity trainings for the campus community on the topic of LGBT inclusion, resources, and services unique to this community.

Center for Public Policy & Social Research

The Center for Public Policy & Social Research is dedicated to enriching the quality of public policy, public service, University outreach and applied research in Connecticut.  CPPSR provides a wide range of information, training, research and consulting services to communities, municipal and state government, and non-profit organizations.  We develop, facilitate, and support faculty and student projects, which advance their scholarship, applied research, and real life experiences.

Summer Music Institute

This institute is for music educators and others seeking professional growth through a variety of graduate classes. Courses offer hands-on experiences, practical teaching techniques, and stimulating discussions among colleagues. The Summer Music Institute is also the primary venue for our Masters degree program that offers a unique blend of theory and practice, focus and versatility. Participants may apply for the Masters in Music Education program and earn a degree in four summers studying with our nationally renowned faculty.