Nominations and Elections Committee


The Nominations & Elections Committee, a major committee of SUOAF/AFSCME at Central/CSU, is responsible for the nominations and elections of representatives to both the chapter and its union committees. The guidelines below are intended to provide an orderly, fair, and consistent conduct of nominations and elections for officers and committee members of the SUOAF/AFSCME Union.

The responsibility of the Nominations & Elections Committee is:

  • to coordinate procedures required for the nomination and election of officers and committee members of SUOAF/AFSCME;
  • to Verify the eligibility of each candidate before any election;
  • establish a timeline for the election process, and to coordinate with the Local Board the dissemination of information to the Chapter Board in a timely manner;
  • ensure that ballots are tallied; and
  • ensure that results are presented to the Membership and/or Board.

Nominations and Elections Committee Members:

Sarah Petras, Information Technology
Caroline Marquez, Explore Central
Alison Zwick, Information Technology