Work Group Memberships

Increase Enrollment and Retention:

Karissa Peckham – Chair, Assoc. VP for Enrollment Management
Kris Larsen – Faculty, Geological Sciences
Justine Gamache – Advising and Student Support Specialist, SEST
Scott Hazan – Director, Student Activities/Leadership Develop
Sheri Fafunwa-Ndibe – Faculty, Art
Perry Cornelio – Student
Maria Lourdes Casas – Faculty, Modern Languages
Mark Cistulli – Faculty, Management Information Systems
David Lopez – Facilities Management
Dylan Goncalves – Student

Enhance Academic Excellence:

Jerry Jarrett – Chair, Faculty, Biology
Steve Cohen – Faculty, English
Cassandra Broadus-Garcia – Academic Assessment Committee, Faculty, Art
Monique Durant – Faculty, Accounting
Nidal Al-Masoud – Faculty, Engineering
Kim Kostelis – Interim Dean, School of Education
Andres Cintron – GSA

Expand Community Engagement and Strategic Partnerships:

Nghi Thai – Chair, Faculty, Psychological Science
Kathy Martin – UPBC & Faculty, Biomolecular Science
Jessica Hernandez – Coordinator of Community Engagement
Cheryl Crespi – Faculty, Accounting
Lauren Tafrate – Coordinator of School-Community Partnerships
John Patrick – Chair, CCSU Foundation
Brian Barrio – Director of Athletics
Wangari Gichiru – Faculty, Ed Lead Policy Inst Tech
Christopher Theriault – Student

Develop and Diversify Additional Funding:

Chris Galligan – Chair, VP for Institutional Advancement
Carlos Soler – Asst. Dir. Admissions & UPBC
Rick Piotrowski – Manager of Contract Compliance and Procurement Services
Christa Sterling – Director of Continuing Education
Dan Chase – Faculty, Biomolecular Science
Jennifer Hedlund – Faculty, Criminology
Candace Barriteau Phaire – Program Coordinator, Early Childhood Studies
Carol Ammon – Alum, Donor
Sanil Patel – Student 24

Build Campus Climate:

Michael Jasek – Chair, VP for Student Affairs
Fumilayo Showers – Faculty, Sociology
Lisa Washko – Manager, Information Technology Services
Jason Melnyk – Faculty, Physical Ed and Human Performance
Kia Bryan – Budget Office
Sinead Ruane – Faculty, Management and Org
Gregory Sneed – Chief of Central Police
Helen Abadiano – Faculty, Literacy, Elementary, & Early Childhood Education
Natalie Ford – Secretary, The Learning Center
Nilda Alicea-Velazquez – Faculty, Chemistry
Karen Martin – Student