Bachelor of Arts

Psychological Science

The faculty of the Department of Psychological Science are committed to working with our undergraduate students to help them develop a solid knowledge base in psychological science, scientific inquiry and critical thinking skills, communication skills, sociocultural and international awareness, ethical and social responsibility, and applied knowledge in professional settings. We prepare students for civic engagement, employment, and/or the pursuit of advanced degrees. We strive to be excellent instructors and mentors, to make scholarly contributions to science and to serve the community in a dedicated and professional manner. We work to facilitate life-long learning among our students from diverse backgrounds.


Learning Outcomes

  1. Identify, describe, and apply key concepts, principles, and overarching themes in psychology.
  2. Interpret, design, and conduct basic and applied research.
  3. Demonstrate effective written and oral communication skills in various formats and for various purposes.
  4. Examine theories, philosophies, research, and cultures from diverse standpoints including those that do not represent mainstream western perspectives.
  5. Apply ethical standards to evaluate psychological science and practice and adopt values that build community at local, national, and global levels
  6. Identify and develop skills and experiences relevant to achieving selected career goals.