Vangella “Vjange Hazle” Buchanan is an author, educator, publisher, and entrepreneur. She is a graduate of Montego Bay High School for Girls and Mico University College in Jamaica where she majored in Art. In 1989, she migrated to the United States and was employed by American Airlines for 20 years. Pursuing higher education, she completed a BA in English at Eastern Connecticut State University, an MA in Communication at the University of Hartford, and an MA in English at Central Connecticut State University where she earned a doctorate in Educational Leadership in Higher Education. In 2018, she became owner of a bookstore and publishing company, The Writery Ink, LLC, in Bloomfield, CT where she assists writers in achieving their dream of becoming authors.

Leadership in Higher Education-Higher Education Strand
Central Connecticut State University
Areas of Expertise

Mental Health First Aid

Publications, Research & Presentations

The Master's Daughter; The Master's Wife

Courses Taught

WRT105, WRT105P, WRT110, ENG261