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Criminology & Criminal Justice
R.C. Vance Academic Center
12:40 pm - 1:40 pm
12:40 pm - 1:40 pm
5:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Political Science
Wagner College
Criminal Justice
Rutgers University - Newark
Criminal Justice
Rutgers University - Newark
Publications, Research & Presentations

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Courses Taught

CRM 238 Corrections
CRM 303 Juvenile Delinquency: Origins & Interventions
CRM 310 Victimless Crime
CRM 321 Sexual Predators
CRM 367 Criminal Justice Policy Planning & Prevention
CRM 405 The Death Penalty
CRM 450 Drugs and Society
CRM 478 Crime Analysis

CJ 510 Law, Justice & Issues of Inequality
CJ 560 Sexual Offending
CJ 578 Law, Harm, and Morality
CJ 578 Police Behavior