Assistant Professor
World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
Assistant Professor
Italian | BA
Assistant Professor
Modern Language: Italian | MA
Willard-DiLoreto Hall
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Or by appointment

Born in Palermo, Sicily and raised in Miami Beach, Florida, Simone Maria Puleo earned a PhD in Comparative Literary and Cultural Studies from the University of Connecticut in 2020. His interests include Italian Studies, World Literature, Cosmopolitanism, and International Relations. His research focuses on the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. 

Dr. Puleo currently offers Italian courses at all levels and is the Director of the Italian Resource Center (Elihu Burritt Library, Room 304). 

Access Simone Puleo's CV here.

Comparative Literary and Cultural Studies
University of Connecticut
Florida Atlantic University
Interdisciplinary Arts and Humanities & English
Florida Atlantic University
Courses Taught
  • ITAL 111: Elementary Italian I
  • ITAL 112: Elementary Italian II
  • ITAL 125: Intermediate Italian I
  • ITAL 126: Intermediate Italian II
  • ITAL 225: Intermediate Italian III
  • ITAL 226: Intermediate Italian IV
  • ITAL 304: Introduction to Italian Literature I
  • ITAL 305: Introduction to Italian Literature II
  • ITAL 315: Italian Civilization to 1861
  • ITAL 316: Italian Civilization from 1861 to the Present
  • ITAL 335: Advanced Italian for Oral Expression
  • ITAL 336: Advanced Italian Composition