Assistant Professor
Psychological Science
Marcus White Hall

Director of the Assumption Lab, an experimental psychology lab aimed at understanding the causal assumptions underlying prejudice, intelligence/decision making, and Metascience (the science of how science is done).


We are open to discussing research assistantships with students with no previous research experience.



Publications, Research & Presentations

3 Most Recent:

Protzko, J., Krosnick, J., Nelson, L., Nosek, B. A., Axt, J., Berent, M., ... & Schooler, J. W. (2023). High replicability of newly discovered social-behavioural findings is achievable. Nature Human Behaviour, 1-9.

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Vaidis, D. C., Sleegers, W. W., Van Leeuwen, F., DeMarree, K. G., Sætrevik, B., Ross, R. M., ...Protzko, J., ... & Priolo, D. (2024). A multilab replication of the induced-compliance paradigm of cognitive dissonance. Advances in Methods and Practices in Psychological Science, 7(1), 25152459231213375.


3 Most Cited:

Protzko, J., & Schooler, J. W. (2019). Kids these days: Why the youth of today seem lackingScience Advances5(10), eaav5916.

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3 Hidden Gems:

Protzko, J. (2018). Disentangling mechanisms from causes: And the effects on scienceFoundations of Science23(1), 37-50.

Pages, R., Protzko, J., & Bailey, D. H. (2022). The breadth of impacts from the abecedarian project early intervention on cognitive skills. Journal of Research on Educational Effectiveness, 15(2), 243-262.

Protzko, J., & Colom, R. (2021). A new beginning of intelligence research. Designing the playground. Intelligence, 87, 101559.

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Professor of the Year, 2021-2022

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Psychological Science Accelerator - Associate Director

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Research Methods (Undergraduate and Graduate)

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