Why Contact the Office of the Ombudsperson?

The University is committed to providing all within the college community with an outlet for informally raising and addressing concerns in a confidential, independent, safe, supportive, respectful, and neutral environment. My role is to ensure that everyone at CCSU is heard and given the proper respect and support in handling and addressing complaints and issues. You may just want to talk; you may be reluctant to go through formal channels or you may not even know where to begin or you may have tried other avenues to get help, but you may not have found the help that you need.

If you are having an issue with a person, group, department or office on campus and you:

  • do not know how to proceed,
  • are trying to avoid escalation of a conflict,
  • feel unfairly or insensitively treated,
  • feel subjected to intimidation, bullying, or emotionally toxic behavior,
  • feel your concerns are not being heard,
  • believe your due process rights have been violated,
  • believe CCSU should improve its policies or procedures