Maria's Place

Maria's Place

CCSU Campus Pantry


MARIA'S PLACE - CCSU Campus Pantry

The food pantry was named in loving memory of Maria A. Alvarez. Maria worked at CCSU for more than 32 years where she was loved by students, faculty and staff. Outside of work, Maria was a volunteer at the food pantry in her parish. The food pantry combines her love of students and compassion for the community.

Due to COVID 19, we have changed our pickup process. We are limiting the number of people in the food pantry to avoid unnecessary contact with others. Please limit one person per household/suite or group at a time.

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Our Primary Objective

The Food Pantry is an initiative of the Newman House at CCSU in collaboration with the Office of Community Engagement, Campus of Compassion and the Food Pantry Committee.

CCSU Campus Pantry Values

  • Access to food is a human right
  • Everyone should be treated with respect and dignity
  • The Food Pantry Committee stands by the CCSU Campus of Compassion’s Charter of Compassion