Goals & Objectives

The association will promote, disseminate and preserve Latin American culture on our campus.

The association intends to work very closely with the university leadership in meeting the

University’s mission and the needs of the Hispanic community both within and outside of the university.

The association will provide leadership and networking opportunities for Latin Americans on this campus.

The association will promote multifaceted contributions by the Hispanic community to this institution and the state of Connecticut.

The association will be dedicated to increasing the participation of Latin American professionals and college students in the affairs of Central Connecticut State University.

The association will promote a meaningful curriculum, a multi-cultural faculty and an environment sensitive to the needs of a diverse student population.

To assists with the recruitment, retention and graduation of Latin American Students at CCSU both undergraduate and graduate.

Strengthen links with all Latin Associations, Clubs, and other Latin Groups.

To provide networking events such as conferences, workshops, lectures, and symposia on Latin American Issues.

To establish a Latin American alumni committee.

Contact Information

Dr. Lourdes Casas
World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
Co-Director of Latin American Association