Deposit Options

Your can add money to and make payments from your Blue Chip Account, but you cannot withdraw cash.

On Campus

Card Value Centers (CVC's) accept cash only. Located in:
  • Elihu Burritt Library (Lobby)

  • Marcus White Annex (Lobby)

  • Student Center (Devils Den)

  • Huang Center / Kaiser Hall (Lobby)

Bursar's Office in Willard-DiLoreto Hall: accepts cash and checks.

Checks received in office will make funds available by next business day; mailed-in checks will be processed within 24 regular business hours from day received.


All online deposits are made through WebCentral-Banner Web using credit cards or eChecks.

Be Advised: A 2.95%/$3.00 minimum fee is charged for credit card deposits.

WebCentral-Banner via Central Pipeline (CP)

This method is available to all with BlueNet accounts.

  1. From CentralPipeline (CP) home page, click on WebCentral-Banner Web, log in with your BlueNet account username and password.
  2. From WebCentral-Banner Web Services Home, click on Deposit Payments (Admissions, Room, Blue Chip, IELP) and the Payment Services system will open in a new window.
  3. Select the Term we are currently in from the drop down box and click on Select.
  4. From the drop down box labeled Select Deposit Payment, click on Blue Chip and click on the button labeled Select next to it.
  5. Enter the Payment Amount and click on the button labeled Continue. A Deposit Payment Window will open.
  6. From the drop down box labeled Select Payment Method choose My Checking or Credit Card via Paypath, then click on the button labeled Select.
  7. Note: Deposits from Credit Cards are charged a 2.95%/$3.00 minimum convenience fee.
  8. Enter your payment information. Verify your payment information before you click on Confirm.
  9. The Payment processing screen will be displayed. You have one last time to verify your payment. Click on Submit Payment. You will receive a confirmation notice that your payment has been accepted. Print the receipt for your records.
  10. Close the Deposit Payment screen by logging out in the upper right corner.
  11. Close your browser for security reasons.