Connecting to the ccsu-bluenet Wireless Network

Computers and Chromebooks

The ccsu-bluenet wireless network is an encrypted wireless network that provides you with secure and faster access to the internet on campus.

The first time you connect to ccsu-bluenet, you will need to install a security certificate on your device.

NOTE: Chromebooks Must be Manually Configured to Access the Wireless Network, please scroll down for the manual configuration instructions.

Windows and Mac One-time Configuration

  1. Open the list of wireless networks and connect to ccsu-bluenet.
  2. When prompted, log in with your Central email address and password.
  3. Accept/trust the security certificate, if prompted.
  4. You have now completed the one-time configuration to connect to ccsu-bluenet. Anytime you are on campus, your device will automatically connect to this wireless network.

Chromebook One-time Manual Device Configuration

Use these settings to manually configure the security certificate for access to ccsu-bluenet:

SSID: ccsu-bluenet

EAP Method: PEAP

Phase 2 authentication: MSCHAPv2

Server CA certificate: Do not check

If prompted for an "identity", enter your BlueNet username and password.

Need Help?

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact the IT Help Desk at 860-832-1720 or email