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Make quick and easy deposit and tuition payments online from anywhere! 

Step 1: Upload - Send application materials to the IELP for processing

Step 2: Make Deposit Payment -When you receive your welcome letter, your student ID# and your Pin number you must apply for your CCSU e-mail account and then log into the your account to make payment of your non-refunable IELP deposit.

Click here for more detailed payment instructions.

IELP Deposit Payment

Step 3: Pay Tuition - You will be registered for your course based on your placement test score. When this is complete, you may choose from the university's payment options through the Bursar's Office. 

Tuition Policies


In order to withdraw from the program, please complete the withdrawal form and submit to the program secretary not less than one week before discontinuing. Be sure to read the refund policy, below, and find out if withdrawal will have any effect on your immigration status. 
Withdrawal Form



In the case of an emergency that prevents you from completing your course, you may apply for a refund of academic tuition within two weeks of withdrawal. Refund applications must include all supporting documentation. 
Refund Request Form