Post-bac Certification Program

What is the difference between the Post-bac and MAT programs?

Individuals who already have an undergraduate degree and want to pursue certification as a secondary (7-12) history/social studies teacher may apply for study in either the Post-Bac Program, which prepares students for state certification, but does not lead to a master’s degree, or the MAT Program, which prepares students for state certification and leads to a Masters of Art in Teaching.

To enter either certification program at CCSU, students you MUST PASS Praxis II: Social Studies: Content Knowledge (5081). You can find out more here

What should I do first?

The first step is applying to the CCSU Graduate School. Information on the application process and deadlines is available at the School of Graduate Studies website. Please be aware that admission to the Graduate School and pursuit of a Post-Bac teacher certification Planned Program of Study guarantee admission to the Professional Program.

What Happens After I’m Accepted into the Grad School?

Your academic transcripts will be forwarded to the School of Education and Professional Studies (SEPS) and to the Department of History for review. The SEPS review will determine what general education requirements may need to fulfilled in order to meet CCSU and State of Connecticut requirements for certification. The Department of History or the MAT program will conduct a content area review of your transcript to see what History or Social Science courses you may need to take.

Please be aware that the CCSU History Department will only transfer in classes that count toward your track in which you received a grade of C or better. 

What Courses Will I Need To Take?

Soon after acceptance into the Graduate School, students will receive a customized Planned Program of Study that lists the general education and content area courses that are needed.

State of Connecticut regulations require you to have one of the following from your undergraduate program:

A major in history with at least 18 credits in social studies; OR

A major in political science; economics; geography; anthropology or sociology including at least 18 semester hours of credit in history; OR

An interdisciplinary major consisting of 39 semester hours of credit in subjects covered under history/social studies, with at least 18 semester hours of credit in history including United States history, western civilization or European history, and non-Western history, and at least 18 semester hours of credit in social studies, including at least one course in each of the following 4 areas: political science; economics; geography; and sociology, anthropology or psychology.

If your undergraduate degree does not meet one of these conditions, we will work with you to develop a planned program to get you certified.

Click here for a preview of the Planned Program for Post-Bac students.

How do I apply to the Post-bac Professional Program?

The Professional Program application deadlines are usually September 10 and February 10. Applications are available at the Teacher Preparation websites of the School of Education and Professional Studies.

Before applying, be sure that you meet the minimum requirements:

  • Passing score on the Praxis II Social Studies: Content Knowledge test
  • School of Education requirements • 2.70 or better cumulative undergraduate GPA
  • 3.00 or better cumulative GPA for all Social Science courses: Economics, Geography, History, Political Science
  • A grade of “B” or better in HIST 301 OR prior approval to take HIST 301 in the semester that you apply.

How do I get Accepted into the Professional Program?

In addition to the meeting the above application requirements, students must submit an essay that receives a passing score from the department’s Social Studies Committee and pass an interview that covers a student’s motivation, content knowledge, skills, and dispositions. To pass the interview, students must receive a 12 or above and, with an average score in each area of 2 or above on the Interview Rubric.

What Happens After I Get Accepted?

Once accepted to the Professional Program students may begin taking Education courses.

IMPORTANT NOTES: If you are currently certified in another content area and want cross-endorsement in History & Social Studies 7-12, you must contact the State of Connecticut Department of Education. All cross-endorsement programs are administered at the state level.

Connecticut law requires all students in teacher/educator certification programs to undergo state and national criminal history background checks before participating in school-based field experiences. You will be responsible for the cost of the background check and will be provided with the necessary consent forms and other documents needed to conduct it. As part of the background check, you will need to be fingerprinted. If you fail to pass the background check, you may be unable to complete your chosen degree program at Central Connecticut State University. The University will not be responsible for your inability to complete your chosen degree program.

For more information contact:

Dr. Aimee Loiselle
Ebenezer D. Bassett Hall 216-12