Contact Information

Charles Button

Professor, Geography
Ebenezer D. Bassett Hall 4170100


About the Global Environmental Sustainability Action Coalition (GESAC)

The Global Environmental Sustainability Action Coalition is a grassroots group of current and former CCSU students, administrators, and faculty, committed to providing cross-disciplinary information and solutions on how to live our lives in a way that is sustainable and in harmony with nature. Founded initially as the CCSU Climate Action Coalition in 2007, we have since expanded our scope to the larger issue of environmental sustainability. In 2008, we held our inaugural Global Sustainability and Climate Change Symposium in support of Focus the Nation. At this three day event, more than 1,000 people, including college faculty & students, K-12 school students and teachers, community members, non-governmental organizations, and federal and state governmental officials attended.

GESAC Vision:

Central Connecticut State University is working in harmony with civic leaders, governmental officials, business and industry leaders, and all members of nature and society to implement policies, programs and systems that promote a healthy environment, balanced economy, and just society for present and future generations.

GESAC Mission:

To educate, empower and motivate members of the Central Connecticut State University community; civic, business, and political leaders; and society at large to embrace our ethical responsibility as global citizens to adopt sustainable lifestyles.

Board of Directors

Charles Button, Ph.D.: GESAC Founder & Chair; CCSU Professor, Geography
Leah Glaser, Ph.D.: CCSU Professor, History
Paul Petterson, Ph.D.: CCSU Professor, Political Science
Kurt Love, Ph.D.: CCSU Associate Professor, Teacher Education
Jeffery Kreeger, Ph.D.: CCSU Assistant Professor, Geography
Elizabeth Langhorne, Ph.D.: CCSU Professor Emeritus, Art
Steve Watton, Ph.D.: CCSU Retired Professor, Chemistry
Caryn DeCristani, CCSU Graduate Alumna, Geography