First Year Connected

First Year Connected


First-Year Connected (FYC) is a CCSU program out of the President’s Office, in collaboration with New Student Programs and Financial Literacy, where first-year, first-generation CCSU students will be connected with University staff who will serve in voluntary roles as non-academic coaches, providing guidance as they navigate their way through the college experience. Coaches provide one-on-one support to students who need help navigating the many responsibilities of college life.  We hope to provide our first-year, first-generation students who are beginning their first semester at CCSU, with additional support and outreach from the campus community.  Some examples of questions that our coaches can help with include: “How do I get involved?”, “When is the FAFSA due?”, “Where do I go for tutoring?” or “Do you know of any on-campus jobs?”. Making a connection to the campus community is a critical aspect of the transition for any new students, and our coaches are eager to meet our new first year, first generation students.  

Following a student’s selection, FYC will go through and match them with one of three the coaches they selected. Coaches will begin reaching out by the end of September,  and begin guiding their new team of students through their first year at CCSU. 

Please email us at if you have any questions about this program. Go Blue Devils!!