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Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of students do you see in Explore?

In Explore we work to serve an array of students such as: undeclared, declared but unsure, transfer, non-matriculated, students preparing for program application.

How do you help a student explore?

We serve our students by assisting them in assessing their strengths, interests and skills. In doing so we can help them narrow down to a few majors of interest and utilize CCSU’s general education curriculum to give them introductory experiences within their major of interest. Exploration is facilitated through one on one appointments as well as workshops such as our major exploration workshop. In this we introduce tools and information to help our students make an informed confident decision about the major they declare.

How long can my student stay with Explore Central?

Students can stay with us up until they accumulate 30-45 credits. Because explore utilizes the General Education curriculum that is shared with all majors at CCSU, once those requirements are fulfilled it becomes difficult for the student to stay with us. We do not want our students to cause a delay in their graduation, so once our students begin to accumulate high credit totals they invited to do major exploration workshop to arm them with what they need to make their decision.

How accessible are the Advisors in Explore Central?

Advisors will be available to students as soon as the fall semester begins. Students can access us by making an appointment online through our scheduling platform “Bookings”  or, students can walk in to meet with us during “Walk in Wednesdays.” For quick questions, we are also available via text or phone call.

When do the Advisors in Explore Central begin seeing the students?

As soon as students are on campus we are available. They are free to make an appointment or stop by at any point.

If my student is in a sport, are their sport schedules taken into consideration when the initial schedules are made?

Yes, practice schedules are taken into consideration. These schedules are available in a system that we have access to when creating schedules for our athletic students. This ensures that they will not have any conflict between academic and athletic responsibility.

If my student is commuting or working certain hours, are these factors taken into consideration when the initial schedules are made?

If a student is commuting it is important to fill out all information that comes with the orientation email. Specifically, the student information survey. This is where students can let us know if they have work or personal responsibilities that must be attended to during their semester. We will refer to the information provided in this survey to make schedules for our commuter students.

Is there a major where it is better to declare early?

Yes. Majors that are included within this are science, math, engineering. social work, and nursing. The reason it is better to declare these earlier is because there are several prerequisite courses that must be taken to fulfill the requirements within these academic programs. If a student is thinking of declaring one of these majors but is unready to declare, it is imperative that they let their Explore advisor know. This will allow us to recommend courses that satisfy prerequisite requirements while simultaneously fulfilling their general education requirements.

Why is it important for my student to complete a FERPA form?

Completing a FERPA form is the only way that Explore advisors will be able to speak or share information about a student with their parent or guardian.