Campus Ministry


Campus Ministry Staff

Roman Catholic Community:
Mr. John Campbell was appointed by Archbishop Mansell in April 2007 to provide Catholic Campus Ministry to the C.C.S.U community, and to Direct the Newman House located across from the Vance parking garage at the C.C.S.U campus. Mr. Campbell is a 1981 graduate of C.C.S.U with a BA in Communications, and earned his Masters in Religious Studies from Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, CT. He formally served as Director of Youth Ministry for the Diocese of Bridgeport from 1995 - 2006. Mr. Campbell also serves in the same capacity for the Catholic Community at Trinity College in Hartford, CT.

Protestant Community:
Dr. Felton Best, the Protestant Campus Minister, can be reached by email at

Jewish Community:
Rabbi Henry Okolica is the Rabbi who services the C.C.S.U. community. Although he is not on campus full-time, he is always available.

The Campus Advisor is Sharon Braverman from the School of Business. She has become a very welcome and valuable aid, not only to the Jewish community here, but also to the Campus Ministry as a whole.

The Islamic Community:
Imam Qasim Sharief also is not on campus full time, but is here to service the C.C.S.U. Islamic community. Our on-campus advisor is Dr. Nidal Al-Masoud, who has added another dimension to the interfaith community here at C.C.S.U.