Celebrate Ebenezer Bassett Day

Ebenezer D. Bassett, Class of 1853


Ebenezer D. Bassett Day Celebration

Bassett Day is an honorable day recognized by the town of New Britain in memory of Ebenezer Don Carlos Bassett. Bassett was born on October 16, 1833. This is the reason we celebrate Bassett Day in October. This will be the 3rd annual celebration for Bassett Day on CCSU's campus. Bassett was the first African American to attend and graduate from State Normal School (now known as Central Connecticut State University) in 1853. He was a prominent leader in the abolitionist movement and he advocated for the right of black men to fight in the Civil War. He worked closely with Frederick Douglass. In 1869, he was the first African American appointed as a United States Diplomatic Minister/Ambassador in Haiti. Bassett was the first for many great achievements that paved the way for the African American community and we pay homage to him on Bassett Day.

What is the theme for this year's Bassett Day?

In previous years, Bassett Day has been administered by CCSU faculty and organizations within the New Britain community. This year, Bassett Day is student led. Collectively, the Center for Africana Studies will be partnering with various student organizations on campus to recognize Bassett's "Living the Legacy" principles within our own leadership. This will be done through a cultural fair in the Student Center where student organizations will have a table to promote their organization through one or several of Bassett's principles.