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CCSU Art Galleries

The Central Connecticut State University Art Galleries are first and foremost educational galleries. Every semester, we have at least three major shows, one of which showcases CCSU student artwork. In May, at the end of the spring semester, studio art majors exhibit their work, and in December, at the end of the fall semester, art education majors exhibit their work before beginning their student teaching in the spring.

The CCSU Art Galleries invite artists from all over the country to exhibit and have had the pleasure of showing artists ranging from CCSU alumni to West Coast folk artists, from cutting-edge New York artists to such acclaimed artists as Philip Pearlstein, Faith Ringgold, and Judy Chicago.

Art Gallery Hours:

Monday-Friday, 1:00pm-4:00pm
Special visits beyond the regular hours may be available by appointment. 

Admission to all exhibits and events hosted by the CCSU Art Galleries is free. Donations to the galleries can be made to the CCSU Foundation: (860) 832-1767



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