Major in Sociology

Curriculum Sheet (pdf)

Students admitted to CCSU and who declare Sociology as a major must complete 38 course credits in Sociology. This includes completing 19 credits in the required core courses:

SOC 110 Introductory Sociology 3 credits
SOC 111 Social Problems 3 credits

After completing SOC 110 and 6 additional elective credits, majors will then have the prerequisites necessary to take:

SOC 300 Sociological Theory 4 credits
SOC 310 Research Methods 4 credits

Students must also complete 4 credits consisting of one of the advanced research methods courses. (SOC 310 is a prerequisite for all advanced research methods courses. SOC 310 cannot be taken concurrently with any of the advanced research methods courses).

SOC 410 Quantitative Research Methods 4 credits
SOC 411 Oral History for the Social Sciences 4 credits
SOC 412 Qualitative Research Methods 4 credits
SOC 413 Community Research Methods
(Must be taken concurrently with SOC 477 Community Research Topics)
4 credits

Students finish the core required courses by taking the 4 credit capstone course. (Completion of an advanced research methods course is a prerequisite for the SOC 499 Senior Seminar. Advanced research methods courses and SOC 499 cannot be taken concurrently).

SOC 499 Senior Seminar in Sociology 4 credits

Additionally, students must complete at least 19 credits of sociology electives, which must include at least 12 course credits at the 300 or 400 level, as well as complete:

STAT 215 Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences 3 credits

Please note that the prerequisite for STAT 215 is either 1. Completion of MATH 101 (or a more advanced math course) with a grade of C- or higher; or 2. passing the Math placement exam.