Professional Development Committee


Develop programs which support professional growth of the Administrative Faculty at Central Connecticut State University.

The Professional Development Committee is a Committee of SUOAF/AFSCME, charged by the chapter Executive Board at Central to foster the development and enhancement of the professional Administrative Faculty members by:

Creating professional development and development opportunities for staff;

Identifying and addressing issues and/or trends of common interest to staff members with very different areas of expertise within Administrative Faculty;

Facilitating the process of staff members' sharing of information and professional development resource material;

Providing information and programming to enhance the development of the Administrative Faculty.

Recognizing formally and informally the outstanding accomplishments and exemplary efforts of the Administrative Faculty members;

Funding opportunities for related continued education and professional growth activities.

SOUAF Professional Development Committee Members:

Justine Gamache, '25
Cathy Sylvester, '25
Margaret Nowicki, '25
Brenda D. Lopez
, ‘24
Dr. Ebony Cole, ‘24
Judy Ratcliffe, ‘24
Lisa Bigelow, Chapter President

Professional Development Funding Guidelines

Applying for funding - Click to complete & submit the Fund Application Form. This is a fillable form and can also be saved. You will use MS WORD to complete the form. Please email the completed form to Justine Gamache.