Online MA in Modern Languages with specialization in Spanish

Department of Modern Languages

Online MA with specialization in Spanish


The Department of Modern Languages is proud to announce its recently approved MA in Modern Languages with specialization in Spanish to be offered entirely online.

This MA program is designed to provide Spanish graduate students in general and current in-service teachers in particular with graduate-level coursework in Spanish language and Hispanic literature and cultures. The program consists of 30 credits and capstone (Plan A: Thesis; Plan B: Comprehensive Exams).

Students in this program are required to take two core courses. SPAN 560 Structure of the Spanish Language is a course designed to equip students with advanced knowledge of Spanish grammar and syntax, with an emphasis on current methods to analyze language. The other required course, ML 598 Research Methods in Modern Languages, is designed to prepare students for their capstone project by discussing different areas of research in the field, as well as different methodologies that are appropriate to each. Intensive practice in academic writing is an essential part of this course.

The 9-credit Summer Institute for Teachers of Spanish, which is a five week program offered completely online from the end of June to the end of July, may be taken either as a stand-alone program by students who are interested in just a few credits to advance their career, or as an integral part of the online MA by students who would like to take advantage of the summer months to accelerate their completion of requirements.

With flexibility as one of the main traits of this innovative program, it is also possible to advance through the requirements by attending a five-week, 9-credit program at the University of Salamanca in Spain. Students who choose to take advantage of this option will benefit from an immersion in the culture and language, and the opportunity to study in one of Europe’s most famous universities, and certainly one of the world’s most important centers for the teaching of Spanish language and cultures.

By taking advantage of these two summer programs, it is possible to complete all required courses from summer to summer, and the capstone the following semester, basically completing the whole MA in three semesters and two summers. However, students who prefer a slower rhythm because of their specific life constraints, may also set their own pace, provided they stay within a 6 year limit.

Students who live in the vicinity of CCSU may also take on ground courses as part of their program if they prefer to avail themselves of this option.

In brief, this original program can be characterized by its flexibility, the high quality of its instruction, the state of the art technology that allows for interactivity over the Internet and the closest experience on line to a real classroom.