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Advising for Current Students

As soon as you are admitted to any of the graduate programs in Reading and Language Arts, including the Official Certificate Program (OCP), create a CCSU email account to use throughout your studies. It is imperative that you use a CCSU email account because ALL email communication with your academic advisor, your course instructors, and the University will be done through this account, not your personal email. You will certainly miss important messages if you do not check your CCSU email often.

After you create your CCSU email account, contact your academic advisor to set up your first meeting with him/her. In this meeting you will develop a plan of study and you will be informed about program requirements beyond course expectations.

Meetings with Advisor:

You are expected to meet with your academic advisor at least 4 times during the period of your studies. It is your responsibility to contact the advisor for an appointment.

  1. Planned program of study meeting: Must take place as soon as you are admitted to the program.
  2. 15-credit meeting: Must take place during the semester you are completing 15 credits of study or as soon as you have completed the 15 credits. One of the expectations of this meeting is for you to present evidence of conference attendance and literacy organization membership, as per program requirements discussed at the first meeting with your advisor.
  3. Pre-comps meeting: Must take place a few weeks before the Comprehensive Exam. Your advisor will confirm that you are eligible to take the comprehensive exam and also check that you have met other program requirements.
  4. Graduation meeting: Must take place towards the end of your last semester in the program and after you receive a letter informing you that you have passed the comprehensive exam.

If during your studies you have any concerns/questions/suggestions, you are encouraged to contact your advisor. You are also encouraged to discuss concerns and share your suggestions with the Department Chair and/or other Literacy Education faculty in the Department of Literacy, Elementary, and Early Childhood Education.