Student Loaner Laptop Terms

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Student Loaner Laptop Terms (2021-2022 Academic Year)

By requesting a loaner laptop you acknowledge and give consent for data sharing with campus offices as needed. You understand that your information will not be sold for any purpose. Examples of data shared include, but are not limited to student name and ID, enrollment status, etc. You also acknowledge that failure to complete this application in its entirety or provide appropriate documentation may result in delayed consideration of the application.   If we approve your application for a loaner device, the University expects it to be returned to the CCSU IT Department no later than May 27, 2022. If you fail to return the device in working condition to the CCSU IT Department by that date, the university will assess a charge of $600 to your student account, and you will responsible for payment of that charge. 

Affidavit of Truth Statement and Release of Information: The information provided on the request form is, to the best of your knowledge, accurate and true. You understand that  you are NOT eligible to receive services until the application process is complete. Your submission of this request serves as your signature.


Contact Information

Any questions about these terms should be directed to the CCSU Information Technology Help Desk at (860)832-1720 or