OneDrive is online file storage that is included in your Office 365 account. The features of OneDrive include:

  • Each user gets 1 TB (terabyte) of data storage.
  • Documents and data can be stored securely (DCL 2, DCL 1 and DCL 0 data only, see CCSU Data Storage Standards below).
  • Documents can also be shared with coworkers (or students and professors) and can be easily created, edited, and reviewed simultaneously with other users. You can also ensure that everyone is working on the most recent document and can view or revert to previous versions as needed.
  • Documents can also be accessed from anywhere and anytime (online or offline).
Accessing OneDrive for Business

Click here for more information about your CCSU OneDrive.

What type of data can be stored in your OneDrive?

Only certain types of data should be stored in your OneDrive space. See CCSU Data Storage Standards for an explanation of where it is safe to store your data.