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Institutional Animal Care and Use Council 


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Sadie Marjani


All investigators who plan to use any live, vertebrate animals in research, testing, or teaching must complete and submit an Application for Project Approval (APA) Form for IACUC review and approval, and must attend a training session annually. For some activities, additional forms may be required (e.g., for activities involving surgery, or use of hazardous materials).

Student projects involving the use of animals must comply with the above regulations, whether or not the projects are in partial fulfillment of degree requirements. The major advisor of masters students, or supervisor of undergraduate research projects, serves as the Principal Investigator on the project.

To expedite the review process, the principal investigator should contact the veterinarian regarding issues related to surgery and pain/distress and obtain a pre-review of the protocol by a member of the IACUC.

No animals may be ordered or received and no animals may be used until the protocol has been approved.

For information regarding the application process contact IACUC Chair, Sadie Marjani, at or (860) 832-2678.