Honors Program


CCSU Honors Program FAQ

I thought Honors students get priority for registration. Why didn’t I get the exact schedule I requested?

Remember that by the time you were accepted into the University and the Honors program, the Seniors, Juniors, and Sophomores had all registered. All incoming students are therefore left with what remains. The staff of the Center for Advising and Career Exploration (CACE)  registered you for the best schedule possible, keeping in mind your major and your preferences whenever possible. Beginning with the Spring semester registration of your Freshman year  (which will take place in November), you will be able to take advantage of the Honors Program Priority Registration and be able to register for courses BEFORE the Seniors, Juniors, and Sophomores.

What courses do I have to take in the program?

The Honors curriculum consists of two four-credit courses each semester for your first two years, then a year-long honors thesis, which will earn you another 4 credits. There are no courses your fourth year, but you are still considered an Honors student and will receive your scholarship and priority registration. Your honors classes count toward your general education curriculum, and cover everything except foreign language, math, lab science, PE 144, and any other requirement established by your major.

Can the Honors Program get me out of a class required for my major?

No. All requirements of your major take precedence over all rules and regulations of the Honors curriculum. For example, all education majors must take one course in American History and PSY 236.

Do I have to have a Minor?

Technically Honors students are exempt from having to take a minor. Note this only affects students who are not in the School of Education. However, for some majors, having a minor increases your knowledge-base, skill-set, and marketability. Therefore, Honors students are strongly encouraged to choose a minor if their major normally required it.

What if a required course in my major conflicts with all sections of an Honors course offered that semester?

Upon consultation with the Director, students in this situation can elect to take the conflicting Honors course later in their program, with the exception of HON 140 Critical Thinking and Persuasive Writing. For example, if all sections of HON 120 conflict with a major-level course during the Spring semester of the student’s freshman year, the student can elect to delay taking HON 120 until the Spring of their Junior or Senior year. If it can be shown that completing this course will delay a student’s graduation, a student may be permanently exempted from one (1) Honors course at the discretion of the Director.

Do I have to take Freshman Composition?

No – HON 140 Critical Thinking and Persuasive Writing takes the place of that course.

I already have AP credit for Freshman Composition – do I still have to take HON 140?


What if it takes me longer than four years to graduate?

There is no penalty, but your scholarship only covers eight semesters.

Can I study abroad as an Honors Student?

Most certainly! Your Honors Scholarship can be used to study abroad during the fall and/or spring semester. It is strongly recommended that students wait until their junior or senior year to study abroad, so that the sequence of Honors courses is not disrupted.

Does my scholarship cover summer school or winter session?


Where can I find information about the program online?

The official program website can be found at www.ccsu.edu/honors.

How can I contact the Program?

Diana Cohen is the Program Director (860) 832-2962; Ebenezer Bassett Hall 316-09.