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The Department of History offers four minors:


Minor in History

18 credits, with at least 6 at the 300 level or above

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The Minor in Public History

The minor in Public History prepares students for non-teaching careers as historians outside the academy. Emphasis is placed on exposing students to the broad range of skills and issues associated with careers in museums, archives, historic preservation agencies, heritage tourism, historic site assessment, cultural resource management, and other careers that utilize the skills of the historian outside of the classroom setting.

Requirements (18 credits), including:

HIST 302  Introduction to Public History

HIST 403  Public History Project or  HIST 492 Public History Intern Experience         

300-level U.S. History course and 9 credits from a list of approved courses

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Minor in Polish Studies

Requirements (18 credits)

Polish Language:

6 credits of Polish language, unless waived by the Modern Language Department.

HIST 319 Race, Ethnicity and Migration in the U.S.                                          

HIST 380  Modern Poland                                                                                  

SOC 480  The Polish-American Immigrant and Ethnic Communities               

SOC 478  Current Topics in Sociology

Additional electives as approved by the Coordinator


Minor in Social Studies

12 credits from the following:

ANTH 140  Introduction to Anthropology                                                                 

ECON 200  Principles of Macroeconomics                                                               

ECON 201  Principles of Microeconomics                                                                

GEOG 110  Introduction to Geography                                                                    

GEOG 120  World Regional Geography                                                                  

PS 104  The World's Political Systems                                                               

PS 110  American Government & Politics                                                           

SOC 110  Introductory Sociology                                                                         

6 credits at the 300- or 400-level in a social or behavioral science department as approved by the Department of History chair.