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BA in History

The CCSU History Department is the place for a superior, affordable undergraduate education. Students have the opportunity to work with outstanding history professionals on a daily basis. Our award winning, highly regarded faculty is made up of both full-time members and adjunct professors who excel in teaching and research.

History classes at CCSU are small and intimate. You will never be merely one among hundreds. Rather, our professors know your name, nurture your talents, and work towards your success. Your achievements are ours too!

Our focus in the History major is to provide students with a broad-based knowledge of the field. Students will take a variety of history courses, including U.S., European, non-western (such as Asia or Latin America), as well as the Historical Imagination (our rigorous but fun historical methods course), and a senior capstone. Within all of this, students also have the opportunity to choose elective history courses that meet their own interests.


History majors are assigned an advisor from among the department faculty, and are expected to meet with an advisor every semester during the pre-registration advising period in order to obtain the alternate Personal Identification Number (PIN) required to select courses. It is the student’s responsibility to set up an appointment for advising.

If you do not have an advisor or are unsure of who your advisor is please contact the History Department chairperson or department secretary.

When meeting your advisor, bring the following information:

  • A Degree Audit downloaded from Central Pipeline.
  • A list of the courses you would like to take, based on the program requirements found in the Undergraduate Catalog.

The undergraduate History major for the Bachelor of Arts (non-teaching certification) requires 39 credit hours of course work. Students complete a 1-credit introductory course in their first year called History Matters; ten 3 credit courses in US, European and Non-western history; a 4-credit historical methods course called The Historical Imagination; and a 4-credit Senior Seminar as a capstone. In addition, students must complete the university’s General Education requirements, choose a Minor field of study (generally 18 credits, or 6 courses), and complete enough elective courses to meet the 120 credits needed for graduation. Meeting with your advisor on a regular basis is important in making sure that all of these requirements are met.

The BA Breakdown:

  • 1 credit (first course) History Matters
  • 6 credits (2 courses) at the 100/200 level – (any field of study)
  • 6 credits (2 courses) U.S. History – (200 level of above)
  • 6 credits (2 courses) European History – (200 level of above)
  • 6 credits (2 courses) Non-Western History – (200 level of above)
  • 6 credits (2 courses) History Electives – (100 level of above)
  • 4 credits (1 course) History 301 – The Historical Imagination 
  • 4 credits (1 course) History 490 – Senior Seminar

Things to Know:

  • CCSU freshmen: History Matters should be taken in the first year of study, and before HIST 301. Transfer students should consult the department chair.
  • History 301 – The Historical Imagination – is the Department’s historical methods course, and designed to teach students proper reading, research, and writing skills. Multiple professors teach this course and focus on their particular field of expertise. There are a variety of 301 courses from which students may choose.
    • Please note that History 301 should be taken after having completed 100/200 level courses and a 300 level course or two. 301 is generally taken in the 2nd semester of Sophomore or first semester of the Junior year.
    • History 301 is the gateway course into 400 level courses. You may take a 400 level course in conjunction with 301, but it is not encouraged and you must have the approval of the 400 level professor.
  • History 490 – Senior Seminar – is the Department capstone course. Students are expected to write a paper or complete a project that shows considerable research, organizational, and writing skills. Multiple professors teach this course and focus on their particular field of expertise. There are a variety of 490 courses from which students may choose.
  • Students must complete a minimum of 4 courses at the 400 level. This can include History 490. Students may take more than 4 courses at the 400 level.