Sexual Misconduct Task Force - CCSU

Sexual Misconduct Task Force


Task Force on Sexual Misconduct, Bullying, and Campus Climate

President Zulma R. Toro convened the first meeting of the Task Force on Sexual Misconduct, Bullying, and Campus Climate on May 21, 2018. She charged the task force with the following objectives:

  • Assess CCSU’s processes and procedures for the reporting and handling of concerns and complaints of sexual misconduct and review the organizational structure currently in place to support those processes

  • Review when and how an investigation is triggered

  • Analyze the communication process during the investigatory process, including how all parties are informed of an investigation’s conclusion or finding

  • Examine programmatic initiatives currently in place to prevent sexual misconduct behaviors

  • Identify standards of best practices for processes, procedures, communication, and education; and provide recommendations to implement best practices.

The departments and programs we expect will be contributing to the inquiry and body of knowledge are (but are not limited to): the Office of Equity & Inclusion, the Department of Human Resources, the Women’s Center, the Committee on the Concerns of Women, the Office of Victim Advocacy & Violence Prevention, the Office of Student Conduct, and the Sexual Assault and Interpersonal Violence Resource Team.