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Educational Leadership: PK-12 Strand


Admissions Information

We are very pleased that you are interested in CCSU's Ed.D. in Educational Leadership which is designed for mid-career preK-12 educators, and we look forward to receiving your application.

As a first step, please download an admission packet.

As you complete your application for Admission to Graduate Studies, keep in mind the following admission criteria:

  1. Master’s degree from an accredited institution of higher education in a discipline or professional field that is relevant to the Ed.D. Program.

  2. 3.00 cumulative GPA on all graduate coursework.

  3. Two letters of reference from leaders in education familiar with your work on the form provided in the admission packet.

  4. Résumé that illustrates important work- related experiences with an emphasis on your work as a leader for teaching and learning in preK-12 education.

  5. Acceptable scores on the General Test (including the Writing Assessment) of the Graduate Record Exam (GRE). You must have taken this exam within the six years of the application deadline.

  6. An acceptable personal statement covering three important topics: (i) Career goals; (ii) Reasons for pursuing a doctorate; and (iii) Commitment to devote four weeks to summer study for the first two summers of the program and additional on-campus summer study (not more than 5 days) during the third or fourth summers. Additional on-campus study during the academic years is also required, but we need to know up-front that you can arrange your employment to accommodate the full-time four week summer term.

  7. Personal interview on campus by invitation of the admissions committee.

Admissions standards for this program are rigorous as we can admit a cohort of no more than 25 students, and our cohorts begin in odd years only. Thus, not everyone who meets our requirements can be accepted.

The admission process calls for submission of materials to two locations: Office of Graduate Admissions, and the Ed.D. Program Office. Graduate Admissions (102 Barnard Hall) should receive the CCSU Graduate Application Form and a fee of $50, and transcripts from every college that you have attended.

In addition to sending your graduate application and transcripts to Graduate Admissions, you must send the following directly to the Ed.D. Program in 320 Barnard Hall.

  1. Two letters of recommendation from educational leaders on the form provided in the admission packet.

  2. Your essay attached to the form in the admission packet

  3. Your résumé

  4. Your GRE scores. When requesting that scores be sent, use GRE reporting code 3143 to assure that the Ed.D. office receives your scores.

Questions? Explore this site, go to our FAQs, or e-mail the program director, Dr. Sheldon Watson, Associate Professor of Educational Leadership.