Modern Languages

Modern Languages


Our Mission

The Modern Language Department plays a pivotal role in the academic mission of Central Connecticut State University.

It fulfills a required skill area of the General Education program and offers B.A. and B.S. majors in a variety of language areas, concentrations and minors in individual languages as well as International Area studies. The Department is actively engaged in training of language teachers.

Masters degree programs with specialization in Italian and Spanish are offered. Exchange and travel programs constitute an important part of the training offered. In its language courses students learn the basic skills of speaking, understanding, reading and writing guided by the following tenets:

"The Modern Language Department recognizes that the world in which we live and work is global, interdependent, dynamic and pluralistic. We understand that communication involves the cultural, linguistic, and social dimensions of language. Our overall goal is to teach students to communicate beyond their native language in order to participate effectively in that world. To achieve these goals instructors employ oral proficiency strategies which promote correct oral use of the language. Writing and reading skills receive greater emphasis as the level of course work intensifies."

The Modern Language Department offers a wide variety of language, culture and literature courses which not only provide students with an aesthetic appreciation of the representative languages, but also give them a better understanding of self, of other cultures and of the complexities of human nature. The Modern Language Department assures the quality of its programs by having a faculty whose deep commitment to teaching and research is matched by their linguistic expertise and knowledge of their discipline. As a vital part of Central Connecticut State University's academic program, the Modern Language Department is proud of its dedication to language learning and international studies.


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